About Us


Private Property for a Private Hunt


Double JM Ranch & Outfitters is located in the heart of very good deer country in southeast Oklahoma and offers outstanding hunting and fishing services for whitetail deer, hogs and turkey as well as great bass fishing on private unpressured waters. Double JM Ranch offers fully guided whitetail deer, turkey, and hog hunts as well as fishing. With over 8,000 acres of private and leased land, our hunts are on unpressured 100% fair chase trophy whitetails. We also have over 100 acres of private water to fish. Double JM Ranch is located in Bromide, Oklahoma just 45 minutes North of the Red River. We offer home cooked meals, quality trophy hunting and fishing and an experience that you won't soon forget. 


Lodging and Warmup


The Bunkhouse features a full kitchen and wide open living room to share hunting stories or to watch the game on the big screen. The hunters will have access to 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. Each room will sleep up to 4 hunters. Ice machine and walk-in cooler along with game processing, European mounts and Taxidermy are also available. 


Upon arrival, each hunter has the opportunity to demonstrate their shooting skills at our rife and archery range. This will give you a chance to loosen up and make sure everything is just right for your guided hunt. 


Bag It, Tag It and Take It


We offer a guided hunting package for everyone young or old, male or female. Our hunting season starts October 1st - January 15th. Early bookings are preferred, but you can call (580)-271-0413 to book your guided trophy deer, turkey or hog hunt or fishing trip at any time during the year. 


Archery hunters will be in ground blinds or elevated stands, gun hunters will be in two person elevated shooting blinds.


Don't forget to bring your large ice-chest! Harvested game can be processed and caped at an additional cost at our local H&L Custom Processing. All processed game will be tenderized, steaked, vacuum sealed, ground, or regular or jalapeno and cheese summer sausage. European Mounts and Taxidermy are available upon request at an additional cost.